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I have not used this gasket but heard of this from one of the vendors. To what I understand from him and later discussing after your email, it seems it does reduce the time as you mentioned due to the difference in the method of testing. And as per the vendor this gasket does not have any disadvantage compared with the conventional ones from the operation experience point of view. But the concept is not new as other companies like kroll and Zieller are attempting on such variations.

Another special design gasket is available and being used by some companies like BASF and Statoil. The company is Jungtec, probably a more unfaimliar company. But they have good ideas and working design concepts and good long experience in field, on gaskets. On the subject of leakage after maintenance Jungtec is quit good.
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[piping_valves] KAMOS RTJ Gaskets

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Can you anyone please advise as you have ever used KAMOS RTJ Gaskets in your project as our client TOTAL asked us to see the feasibility to use such Gaskets in our Pipeline Project. Normally these gaskets will allow us to skip the standard leak test,cost reduction and can reduce down-time connected with testing.
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